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Drew's live online classes have been a huge part of our time together during covid. It's an important part of our couple commitment to live active, healthy, happy lives together. We schedule all live classes and enjoy 1 or 2 of the 30-minute recorded workouts each week. Thanks for being our inspiration, Drew. 

~ Karen and Bill

I'm really benefiting from Stay Ahead Fitness.  It allows me to work on individual goals with a variety of class offerings.  When the pandemic ends, I will stay right where I am (in my basement) working out with Drew! ~ Kay

I'm stronger NOW than I have been in decades.  These exercises have improved my balance and hip strength so that my fly fishing, snow shoeing and horseback riding are safer and pain free. Drew’s live online classes are the only good thing about COVID!

~ Marion

Before covid, we had been daily gym goers for 30 years. Now we "Do Drew" ( as all my friends say). We always find some fitness program to do from his extensive video library. The breathing and balance exercises are invaluable for all the activities we like to do. His weekly emails encourage us to maintain our physical and mental strength.  THANK YOU DREW.

~ Judie and Ron

A subscription to StayAhead Fitness from my Mom was the best birthday gift I have received. I hardly miss a day. Drew’s techniques have made me so much stronger, balanced and flexible. My back country skiing, biking and hiking have all improved. Each day my mom and I ask each other what workout we did with Drew.

~ Lisa (daughter) and Ellie (Mom)

A huge benefit of Drew’s online classes is I can choose the type of video I’m up for that day whether it’s higher intensity or floor stretching. Most importantly, Drew’s depth of knowledge and clear instructions give me confidence that my workouts will be injury free. ~ Cindy

I met Drew about 6 years ago. I had back surgery and severe sciatica and needed a program to not only rehab but improve. StyAhead has enabled me to keep up with the physical activities I most enjoy such as skiing.  I’m on the left taken February 3, 2021 at Purgatory, CO.  Thanks Drew for your StayAhead program. ~ Frank

I love, love Drew’s videos!!!  He’s easy to follow and I can choose the level and type of workout I want each day.  He’s even helped to finish up my hip replacement rehab! Affordable and easy!!!

~ Reen

During this pandemic, the StayAhead fitness program with live online and recorded classes have nourished my body, mind, and soul. Drew is an enthusiastic, innovative, and caring teacher who guides his students. I will continue with the StayAhead program even when the pandemic is under control and life is back to normal. ~ Taru

Workout Styles

Six workout styles to choose from


Ideal for beginners, yet also effective for intermediates who are looking for strength, balance, and flexibility exercises.



Raise your heart rate and expand your lungs safely and effectively with moderate, low-impact movements.


Improve mobility, joint range-of-motion, and release pain. Feel and sleep better with this relaxing experience!


Use resistance bands, dumbbells, and body weight to increase your muscle tone and bone density.


Flow through a series of movements connected to breath for a challenging and energizing yoga experience.


Exercise sitting on a chair and standing while holding onto a chair. Features strength, stretch, balance, and slow cardio.

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StayAhead Members

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Since I joined StayAhead Fitness I have never felt stronger and in better overall physical shape. Drew is detailed, inspiring and encouraging in his instruction and encourages everyone to exercise at a level they are comfortable with. ~ Patty

The StayAhead lifestyle is a great way to keep fit as you age. Drew has an ability to lead an exercise and explain its benefits clearly. He adds variety to classes and tips to improve your technique. I learn something new each session. ~ Tim

Drew's extensive knowledge of the body, and the variety of functional movements he incorporates into workouts, keeps me interested, challenged and motivated. His warmth and positivity, combined with the ease of using the website, and the low cost, make it a great value!

~ Peggy

Drew, I thank you for the terrific classes you provide. I have had various injuries to my shoulder, hamstring, and knees. With your training, I have attained more strength and flexibility than ever before. I'm back to playing tennis 3 days a week at age 80! ~ Dick

The StayAhead online classes and workouts have kept me more fit than I was when I went to the athletic club 3-4 times weekly. And the convenience of picking your own time, style and length of your workout can't be overlooked. ~ Tracy

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