Thriving in the

second half of life

requires that we take

care of our bodies with a

smarter approach to fitness

Hi, I'm Drew

I've always felt that life could be so much better if we do a few smart exercises every day.

But I couldn't find an exercise program ideally suited for people in the second half of life.

So I created one!

My StayAhead Program recognizes that, as we age, our workouts need to change. Workouts must be challenging but safe and effective at the same time. Most important, our workouts must address the specific needs of the aging body, which includes:

  • STRENGTH for increasing muscle mass and bone density
  • FLEXIBILITY for improved freedom of movement and pain reduction
  • BALANCE for stability and reduced risk of falls
  • CARDIORESPIRATORY movement for heart and lung health and function
  • DEEP BREATHING for increased breathing capacity and stress management

What I Believe

I've taught yoga and fitness for 22 years. During that time I learned so much about what works and what doesn't. I've noticed a huge difference in the people who do a few minutes of smart fitness every day versus the people who do workouts that are too intense or who do nothing at all. The middle ground really does work the best when it comes to keeping yourself fit and healthy for your future.

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I do a little bit every day to stay fit for my future. You can too! A smart approach to fitness done consistently can help you age gracefully over the decades. Your second half of life should be fulfilling and joyful.

Even though we're aging, we don't have to get old. Join me on this journey. You'll be amazed at how great you can feel!
~ Drew Overholser

Drew's Bio


years of teaching experience


classes, events, and private sessions taught


degrees and certificates including bachelors degree in psychology, master's degree in educational design, yoga teacher certification, certified health and fitness coach


published books: BVibrant (2010), The StayAhead Method (2019)