So, you've been exercising for a while?


Congrats for doing your workouts

As you know, nothing is more important than staying fit for your future years. You're already doing that. However, you might be looking for different workouts for one of two reasons:

Eventually we realize that our workouts need to change for the stage of life we're in. You want workouts that challenge you but that feel safe. Injury prevention is goal number one!

You appreciate quality instruction. You've invested time into your fitness and you want to improve your technique while still having the convenience and simplicity of working out from home.

StayAhead intermediate workouts are fun. Yet they also provide you with the challenge you're looking for. Plus, they don't take too long.

If that sounds good to you, let's do some of the exercises from my FLOW and FIT classes, which are for Intermediates like you. My more active members love Them!

Show Me The Intermediate Exercises