Why join the StayAhead Membership?

Because you want the most from your decades ahead! A consistent, convenient exercise program is a must. StayAhead workouts are designed for people who want a smarter approach to fitness for their future. Click this button to start your free trial.




We lose 3% of our muscle mass every decade. Resistance training is a must for your future. The StayAhead workouts offer several different ways to improve your strength

  • body weight exercises

  • dumbbell exercises (BeStrong Program)

  • resistance bands


There's no reason to lose your flexibility. Do both dynamic and static stretching exercises for freedom of movement and to reduce pain.


Balance exercises cannot be overlooked. Make sure your balance stays solid for your favorite sport or activity and to reduce your risk of falls.


If you get winded going up one flight of stairs, you need to give your heart and lungs moderate yet safe cardio exercise.


The hips and core musculature are involved in every move we make. Keeping your hips strong makes you better at your favorite games and activities, as well as the simple stuff like going up and down stairs and getting down on the floor. Keep your hips/core strong with targeted workouts.


Posture may not seem like a sexy topic, but actually it is! You will look and feel so much better when you stand tall. Plus, tall posture creates more space for the heart and lungs to function correctly. The StayAhead workouts show you how to have great posture.


Breathing is the most fundamental exercise of life. Yet we usually don't breathe correctly. Learn how to give your body more air, which leads to more energy and more life!


Life can be a little (or a lot) stressful at times. When feeling stressed, the best thing to do is some light movement or do a recorded relaxation audio session. It's all included in your membership!


LIVE classes every month!

REPLAYS of live classes that are available 24/7

Access to the library of recorded workouts

Relaxation and meditation audios

Weekly emails that informs you of NEW RELEASE workouts and tips for staying motivated to do your workouts

Full access to SPECIALTY PROGRAMS (no extra charge for these programs)





The BASIC style is simple but not easy! It focuses on functional movements and positions that give you what you need to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and deeper breathing.



An active movement class designed to raise the heart rate and expand the lungs with active, low-impact cardio movements. We frequently use resistance bands in this workout.



The FLOW style combines yoga movements with focused breathing. You will be guided safely into poses and movements that open, stretch, and strengthen the body and mind.



The STRETCH style is a wonderfully relaxing experience that includes deep breathing and long stretch positions. Improve mobility, increase range-of-motion, ease pain, and sleep better!



We utilize resistance bands, dumbbells, and body weight exercises to increase muscle tone and bone density. We begin with warm-up and then focus the rest of the class on getting stronger!



CORE classes are shorter than other classes and focus on strengthening midsection, pelvis, and upper legs. You'll feel the burn in this fantastic class!



Chair exercise is ideal for beginners, seniors, and anyone with mobility restrictions. Workouts are done sitting on a chair and standing while holding onto the chair. We'll work on strength, flexibility, balance, and breathing.


<p><span style="color: #03537aff;" ><span class="font-bold"><span class="text-xl">SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT</span></span></span></p>


It's easy, simple, and safe to workout from home. By the time you'd drive to the gym, you're done with your StayAhead workout!

<p><span style="color: #025075ff;" ><span class="font-bold"><span class="text-xl">COST EFFECTIVE</span></span></span></p>


With pricing as low as $15/month, the StayAhead membership is less than the cost of one drop-in class at a yoga or barre studio

<p><span style="color: #025075ff;" ><span class="font-bold"><span class="text-xl">BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE</span></span></span></p>


There are StayAhead workouts for beginners and intermediates. You'll find the perfect workout for you.

<p><span style="color: #03537aff;" ><span class="font-bold"><span class="text-xl">THE RIGHT WORKOUTS FOR US</span></span></span></p>


So many workouts are made for young people. The StayAhead workouts are ideal for people in their second half of life.

<p><span style="color: #03537aff;" ><span class="font-bold"><span class="text-xl">EASY TO CANCEL</span></span></span></p>


You're never obligated or trapped in a membership. It's easy to cancel any time from your member dashboard.

<p><span style="color: #03537aff;" ><span class="font-bold"><span class="text-xl">HAVE A QUESTION?</span></span></span></p>


You'll never be on your own with your membership. Reach out to me directly at drew@stayaheadfitness.com. I'll help you right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn more about the StayAhead methodology?

Read my booklet, Fit For Your Future! It explains what the StayAhead method is all about. It's available right now as a free download. The booklet takes just a few minutes to read. Plus, it includes fifteen 1-minute videos that help explain concepts. GO HERE to watch the videos. On that same page, click on the RESOURCES tab and then click on the DOWNLOAD button to access the Fit For Your Future booklet.

What do I get with the membership?

  • Live classes (10 to 12 live classes every month)

  • Replays of live classes (posted to the website within a few hours of the live class)

  • Full access to the entire video library of recorded workouts

  • Member-only emails that encourage you to keep up with your fitness for your future

What style of classes and workouts do you offer?

  1. BASIC workouts focus on what you need to stay strong and flexible for your today and your years ahead. We will work on strength, balance, flexibility, and breath expansion. While BASIC is considered to be at the beginner level, anyone can benefit because of the emphasis on functional, safe movements that is helpful to everyone, even fitter people!

  2. FIT workouts raise your heart rate and expand your breath capacity with safe cardio movements, balance, and strength exercises. All FIT class are designed for moderate exertion. This is not about crazy cardio exercise. It’s about raising the heart rate and expanding lung capacity for several minutes without wearing ourselves out. Resistance band exercises usually are included for added benefit.

  3. FLOW is similar to a yoga class. We begin with deep breathing and centering. Then we move to active flowing movements combined with breathing. Cues will be offered that keep you moving safely and efficiently. This class culminates with deliciously deep stretches. This class is at the intermediate level because of the active movements. However, anyone can do FLOW with proper modifications. Slow down and do only what feels good to your body.

  4. STRETCH is a wonderfully relaxing experience includes range of motion exercises for joint health, deep stretches to improve mobility, and  breathing exercises to relax tight muscles and reduce mental stress.

  5. STRENGTH workouts utilize resistance bands, dumbbells, and body weight exercises to increase muscle tone and bone density. We begin with warm-up and then focus the rest of the class on getting stronger!

  6. CORE workouts are shorter than other classes and focus on strengthening midsection, pelvis, and upper legs. You'll feel the burn in this fantastic workout!

  7. CHAIR workouts are designed for anyone looking for a workout with the assistance of a chair. Some of the workouts are seated, while others include standing exercises with the chair for support.

Will the workouts be too easy or too hard for me?

One of the biggest benefits of being a StayAhead member is that you do your workouts in the privacy of your home rather than at a gym. Having privacy makes it easy to modify your workout. You can always make an exercise easier or harder. I will give you plenty of cues to help. You always can rest or stop your workout early if needed. Some StayAhead members are very active, athletic people who need more challenging functional workouts. Other members are less active and need gentler workouts. It’s all here!

What are the Programs all about?

Programs give you an added focus when you need it. By doing 15 to 25 minute workouts that focus on one topic, you improve rapidly. All Programs include educational videos as well as workouts specific to the topic. GO HERE TO VIEW THE PROGRAMS.

How do I access the workouts?

As a member, you'll have access to live classes which you'll register for each time on THIS PAGE. The rest of the content can be found here in the VIDEO LIBRARY. Be sure you're signed-in before trying to watch a video. Go ahead and check it out.

What if I don't know what workout to choose?

I got you covered! Every week I release a calendar with one or two workouts for the day. Just do one or both of the recommended workouts. That's it. GO HERE TO SEE THE CALENDARS. As you get more comfortable with the program, you may decide you want to browse the library for a specific workout or a workout that you've saved as a favorite. Or continue using the weekly calendars if you prefer.

What if I become a member but decide to cancel later?

First, you have 7 days to try the membership at no cost to see if it's a good fit for you. Cancel before the end of the trial and you won't be charged. Once you've become a member, you can easily self-cancel your membership in your member account area. See the member FAQs for simple cancellation instructions. Rejoin the program whenever you want at the current rate.

I'm ready to start! What do I do next?

Great! CLICK HERE and then select monthly, quarterly, or annually. The annual membership is the best deal. If the membership isn't for you, cancel before 7 days and your credit card won't be charged.

More Questions?

I'm more than happy to answer any questions. Send me an email to drew@stayaheadfitness.com. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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