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I am stronger NOW than I have been in decades.  The mind-body set I have learned has improved my balance and hip strength so that my fly fishing, snow shoeing and horseback riding are safer and pain free. Drew’s live online classes are the only good thing about COVID!

<p><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);" >Marion</span></p>, <p><span style="color: rgba(87,86,86,1);" >Greenwood Village, CO</span></p>


Greenwood Village, CO

You just cannot imagine how lucky we all are to have you in our lives!  Your calming voice, wonderful humor and healing workouts are the perfect tonic for these crazy times.  I have sent your link to lots of friends across the country and just gave one of your books to a friend. Steve and I always look forward to our classes and have come to say, "It's time to do a Drew"!

<p>Kathy and Steve</p>, <p></p>

Kathy and Steve

Drew’s knowledge of anatomy, precise instruction and deep belief in fitness as an accessible, lifelong pursuit has inspired me to keep it up. The short sessions, flexible class options and special offerings help me keep movement in my busy, work-from-home life.  Hip Power solved my hip issues!

<p>Shannon</p>, <p>Greenwood Village, Colorado</p>


Greenwood Village, Colorado

Drew has a wealth of knowledge on fitness issues both substantively and professionally as an instructor. In a challenging year, the StayAhead online classes and workouts have kept me more fit than I was when I went to the athletic club 3-4 times weekly. And the convenience of picking your own time, style and length of your workout can't be overlooked. The diversity of offerings is never boring - I include 4 or 5 different programs in my workouts each week. Following Drew's classes helped me train for a brisk 85 mile cross-country horseback ride. 

<p>Tracy</p>, <p>Denver, CO</p>


Denver, CO

A subscription to Stay Ahead Fitness from my Mom (who has been taking classes with Drew for years) was the best birthday gift I have ever received. I have been a member for just under a year now and hardly miss a day. I had been taking  yoga, NIA, weights, cardio, pilates classes for years but Drew’s technique has made me so much stronger, balanced and flexible. My back country skiing, biking and hiking have all improved. And Mom is so strong we get to enjoy biking, skiing and hiking together! Each day when I check-in with her, the first thing we ask each other about is what we did with Drew. You know something is powerful when it is part of your daily lexicon!”

<p>Lisa</p>, <p>Ellie's daughter</p>


Ellie's daughter

Every morning at 9:00 I stretch and strengthen and take deep breaths with Drew, followed either by a long walk or a bike ride. His incorporation of isometrics, yoga, and weights has helped me stay fit. His instructions are precise and easy to follow, and he always cautions about overdoing and offers alternative poses. His sense of humor is a delight. I have recommended him to many friends and feel a sense of community when they are struggling at the same time I am. We say to each other, "Let's talk after we do a Drew"! He is truly a treasure

<p>Ellie</p>, <p>Lisa's mother</p>


Lisa's mother

Drew, I thank you for the terrific classes you provide. For the first time, I have found that I do not need free weights to gain strength. I have had various injuries the past, shoulder, hamstring and  knee problems. With your training, I have attained more strength and flexibility than ever before. Tennis is back 3 days a week at age 80!

<p>Dick</p>, <p></p>


Drew's live online classes have been a huge part of our time together during covid. It's an important part of our couple commitment to live active, healthy, happy lives together. We schedule all live classes and enjoy 1 or 2 of the half 30 minute recorded workouts each week. Thanks for being our inspiration, Drew. 

<p>Karen and Bill</p>, <p></p>

Karen and Bill

I love, love Drew’s videos!!!  He’s easy to follow and I can choose the level and type of workout I want each day.  He’s even helped to finish up my hip replacement rehab!  Affordable and easy!!!

<p>Reen</p>, <p>Winter Park, Colorado</p>


Winter Park, Colorado

Drew is the consummate fitness and Yoga professional, and it is abundantly clear in all of the classes he teaches. His extensive knowledge of the body, and the variety of functional movements he incorporates into workouts, keeps me interested, challenged and motivated. Drew’s warmth and positivity, combined with the ease of using the website, and the low cost, make it a great value!

<p><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);" >Peggy</span></p>, <p>Greenwood Village, Colorado</p>


Greenwood Village, Colorado

After being a CPA for over 40 years my back was in such bad shape that I was unable to walk for more than a block without stopping and stretching it out before I could move further.  After two back surgeons said I needed surgery, I met Drew and began taking yoga and learning how to take better care of myself. After a year of following Drew’s StayAhead workouts I can hike and exercise with very little or no back pain.    

<p>Jim</p>, <p>Centennial, Colorado</p>


Centennial, Colorado

Before covid my husband and I had been daily gym goers for 30 years. Now we "Do Drew" ( as all my friends say). We always find some fitness program to do from his extensive video library. New to us- the breath control and balance exercises are invaluable for all the activities we like to do. His weekly emails encourage us to maintain  our physical and mental strength.  THANK YOU DREW.

<p>Judie and Ron</p>, <p>Castle Pines, Colorado</p>

Judie and Ron

Castle Pines, Colorado

Due to physical injuries, I’ve been on a quest to regain muscle strength in my hips and pelvis and improve balance. Drew’s classes have sped this process. Drew’s knowledge of the correct use of muscle groups is on par with most of the physical therapists I’ve seen over the years.  It’s invaluable that I can take as many classes as I want and choose the time of day that works best for me.  I’ve also found it helpful that Drew has taught us the importance of the breath and attitude for staying healthy.

<p>Debbie</p>, <p>Centennial, Colorado</p>


Centennial, Colorado

I began taking in-person courses with Drew before the pandemic and was so glad when he created StayAhead Fitness. It has been my go to site this past year.  I like the quality of his explanations and the variety of his offerings.  Great workouts!

<p>Andrea</p>, <p></p>


The Stayahead lifestyle is a great way to keep fit as you age. Drew has an ability to lead an exercise and explain its benefits clearly. He adds variety to classes and tips to improve your technique. I learn something new each session.

<p>Tim</p>, <p>Englewood, Colorado</p>


Englewood, Colorado

A huge benefit of Drew’s online classes is I can choose the type of video I’m up for that day whether it’s higher intensity or floor stretching. Most importantly, Drew’s depth of knowledge and clear instructions give me confidence that my workouts will be injury free.

<p>Cindy</p>, <p>Greenwood Village, Colorado</p>


Greenwood Village, Colorado

What I love about Stayahead Fitness is the ability to exercise in my home and on my time schedule.  Drew gives excellent instruction with reminders that keep us safe.  At age 79, I am still healthy, able to play golf, hike and do my favorite exercise: yoga. Thanks Drew!

<p>Connie</p>, <p></p>


Your classes have been so helpful in keeping us strong and fit at this difficult time of COVID.  We like to use your prerecorded workouts and appreciate the wide variety that you offer.   We are grateful to be part of your StayAhead community and it has truly been a life-saver for us this past year. What a kind, patient and exceptional teacher you are.

<p>Jennifer and Tom</p>, <p>Golden, Colorado</p>

Jennifer and Tom

Golden, Colorado

Drew understands how important and challenging it is to find an exercise program that works for people as they age. My body's needs have changed and I can find a broad range of classes that I can use to build strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiac function while at home. I can take live classes or choose a replay any time, any day.

<p>Coralee</p>, <p>Castle Rock, Colorado</p>


Castle Rock, Colorado

Since I joined StayAhead Fitness I have never felt stronger and in better overall physical shape. Drew is detailed, inspiring and encouraging in his instruction and encourages everyone to exercise at a level they are comfortable with.

<p>Patty</p>, <p>Centennial CO</p>


Centennial CO

During this pandemic with the stay home mandate and social distancing, the StayAhead fitness program with live and recorded classes have nourished my body,mind, and a soul. Drew is an enthusiastic, innovative, and caring teacher who guides his students carefully. I will continue with StayAhead program even when the pandemic is under control and life is back to normal. 

<p>Taru</p>, <p>Cherry Hills Village, CO</p>


Cherry Hills Village, CO

I was a long time member at an expensive athletic club. But then one day I discovered your online classes and loved them. How fortuitous for me that I found your website. I follow your class schedule almost daily and have also enjoyed the specialty programs such as HipPower. I start my days on the mat with your classes and it sets my day in motion, I feel much stronger, walk tall with a strong core and a surer step.

<p>Yanita</p>, <p>Vancouver BC</p>


Vancouver BC

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