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Drew understands how important and challenging it is to find an exercise program that works for people as they age. My body's needs have changed. In the StayAhead library I can find a broad range of classes that I can use to build strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiac function while at home. I can take live classes or choose a replay any time, any day.

~ Coralee

Your classes have been so helpful in keeping us strong and fit at this difficult time of COVID.  We like to use your prerecorded workouts and appreciate the wide variety that you offer. We are grateful to be part of your Stay Ahead community and it has truly been a life-saver for us this past year. What a kind, patient and exceptional teacher you are. ~ Jennifer and Tom

Drew’s knowledge of anatomy, precise instruction and deep belief in fitness as an accessible, lifelong pursuit has inspired me to keep it up. The short sessions, flexible class options and special offerings help me keep movement in my busy, work-from-home life. HipPower solved my hip issues! ~ Shannon 

I follow your class schedule almost daily and have also enjoyed the HipPower series.

I start my days on the mat with your classes and it sets my day in motion. I feel much stronger, walk tall with a strong core and a surer step. Your prompts and detailed explanations are never too much. Thank you for also providing variety. ~ Yanita

After being a CPA for over 40 years my back was in such bad shape that I was unable to walk for more than a block without stopping and stretching it out before I could move further.  After two back surgeons said I needed surgery immediately, I met Drew and began doing his StayAhead exercises. Now I can walk or hike as far as I want to and at age 77, do most of the program with very little back pain. ~ Jim

StayAhead Fitness is perfect for me because I can take it with me wherever I go, I don't over-do it, and the 30 min workout is perfect, especially when I pair it with other activities.  It is not intimidating, but I can definitely feel it stretching  and challenging me where I need it. Thanks Drew for your creative ability to make it easy to "Stay Ahead"!

~ Stephanie

I began taking in-person classes with Drew before the pandemic and was so glad when he created StayAhead Fitness. It has been my go-to site this past year.  I like the quality of his explanations and the variety of his offerings. Great workouts! ~ Andrea

What I love about Stayahead Fitness is the ability to exercise in my home and on my time schedule.  Drew gives excellent instruction with reminders that keep us safe.  At age 79, I am still healthy, able to play golf, hike and do my favorite exercise: yoga.  Thanks Drew.

~ Connie

Due to physical injuries, I’ve been on a quest for over a decade to regain muscle strength in my hips and pelvis and improve my balance. Drew's classes have helped so much. I’ve noticed significant improvement in my walking and activities of daily life.  Drew’s knowledge of activating muscle groups and is on par with most of the physical therapists I’ve seen over the years.  It’s invaluable that I can take as many classes as I want and choose the time of day that works best for me. 

~ Debbie

When Drew began his online classes at the beginning of Covid they became a godsend for me. Every morning at 9:00 I stretched, strengthened, and took deep breaths with Drew, followed either by a long walk  or a bike ride. His use of isometrics, yoga, and weights has created a fit body for me during this Pandemic.  His instructions are precise yet easy to follow, and he always cautions about overdoing. The variety of live classes, replays, and workout library is terrific. His sense of humor is a delight. Drew is truly a treasure. ~ Ellie 

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